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Brownies, Monitors and Vigilants

Thanks to the modern marvel that is eBay, I've found myself involved in a whole new hobby - collecting old cameras. I became particularily interested in old Kodak cameras from the 1940s and 50s and I've found many of these on eBay, all of them for very reasonable prices.

The pride of the collection right now is a Kodak Brownie from the mid-50s in its original box with manual, flash, vintage bulbs, vintage batteries and vintage unopened film.

Kodak Brownie

It was fun putting all these pieces together with a few auctions on eBay, none of which was above 10 dollars...

And I also have now several foldable Kodaks from the 40s. I really enjoy handling these cameras because all the parts and materials have that satisfying feel of quality and good workmanship. No cheap plastic, no compromises. These are heavy, solid cameras that even after 60 years still take great pictures.

Kodak Monitor and Kodak Vigilant

I'll try and post a few pictures I've taken with these cameras soon.

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