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The Memory Hole

Journalists are only human beings, and as such are fallible. They can be threatened, they can be forced, or they could just plain have a different opinion than what counts for the truth.

This is not much of a problem as long as a free society is cruising through a peaceful decade or two. But if there's war and the acrid taste of facism is in the air, honest and correct news reporting becomes the lifeline of a free people.

There is a reason why dictators first kill all the upright journalists.

So here we are, and the signs are not good. American journalism, for a long time a world-wide beacon for the profession, has been deteriorating visibly over the last few years. Without internet access to worldwide news resources to compare, it is now pretty much impossible for a US citizen to make heads or tails of the situation in this world.

And then there are the outright lies and deception.

The Memory Hole is maybe one of the most valuable sources of retracted and hidden information on the web.

Sure it sounds paranoid, but all the information in these pages is backed up by sources, and often enough the Internet makes it just very hard to suppress hard data. Exactly what the US Defense Department built it for. Oh, the irony.

Newspapers retracting Bush-misspeak, photoshopping happy Iraqis or just plain ignoring for 40 years a most astonishing revelation by JFK...

It's all there in the Memory Hole, for the world to see.

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