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Cloud City

It's been a bit quiet on this blog lately, mostly due to complete exhaustion and sleep deprivation - ahh, the life of new parents... :)

There are a few things to talk about, but before I get back to the usual blogging routine, here's an update on my daily commute: It still rocks!

Last Thursday was a beautiful day in the Bay Area, warm and not much wind, so I was really looking forward to my bike ride back home across the Golden Gate, and I was rather disappointed to see the fog move in from the ocean just before I made it to the bridge.

And the fog was as thick as pea soup by the time I'd made it to the south tower, so I didn't expect any photo opportunities... near the north tower, visibility was down to about twenty meters, when suddenly from one second to the next, the sun broke through!

It was glorious! Here is a still picture taken from the north tower:

Click through for a large version.

What no picture can can show is the amazing speed of the wind-whipped fog as it blows through the narrow gap of the Golden Gate. Here is a short video of the same scene - sorry for the shaky camera, but the wind was strong enough to almost blow the camera out of my hands.

Also commute-related, I've started a Tumblr blog as a little experiment. It's linked here in the sidebar and it's called Bay Crossings - I'll try to post a picture or two every day from my commute across San Francisco Bay.

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