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Audio Data API at Mozilla Summit 2010

Unfortunately I couldn't go, but it looks like the Audio Data API presentation at the Mozilla Summit 2010 in Vancouver was a big success.

Here are two videos of David Humphrey's presentation on the state of the Audio Data API (same content but different angle):

What blew me away when I saw the video is that one part of Dave's presentation (at about the 2 minute mark) was based on my JavaScript Spectrum Visualizer - let me just say that I am honored! [virtual happy dance]

Everybody in the web development community owes a big Thanks! to Dave for working so hard and tirelessly to bring full, interactive audio to web browsers. Over the next year or so we will see some HTML5/JavaScript experiences that will blow your socks off - and that is in no small part because of Dave and the team of audio/video coders and artists that have been pushing the boundaries of what browsers can do.

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