Pacific Tides
My name is Thomas Sturm and I'm a programmer, photographer and writer.

Now go outside and look at the sky.


#haiku is a new little experiment for my Stories In Flight site - a mashup of Twitter and Flickr: The page searches for tweets with the #haiku hashtag and then visualizes the results by searching for each word in Flickr photos.

It's a evolutionary step from FlickrPoet, and while it removes the interactivity, it certainly adds a meditative quality to the experience: You can sit there for a while and see the words and pictures dance past, with both Twitter and Flickr delivering near inexhaustible material.

I'll have to work a little on the code that cleans up the tweets, since there is quite a lot of variation in the formatting of the haikus, with links, hashtags and response tags freely peppered across 140 characters.

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