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POD Advice

Ariana Osborne has some great advice about Print-on-Demand projects over on her blog. I can pretty much only say "What she said!" about that post - read the FAQs for your publishing service, proof read the layout, order a proof copy for yourself first... all of that is important...

...and then there is her previous post, which has the one crucial advice that will make or break your POD project:


No matter how late at night you have stay up to get some quiet time from the kids, no matter how early in the morning you have to get up to write a page/edit a photo/draw a picture before you go to work, just do it. There is nothing worse than unfinished projects - with one exception, and that would be Projects You've Never Started.

And this is really not just true for Print-on-Demand, but for any kind of maker projects you've been dreaming of. Every day you haven't started that dream project of yours is a day lost in a corner of the space-time continuum that we can't access: The Past.

Don't lose your precious projects to The Past, stop reading the intertubes right now, sit down and make something!

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