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I wanted to talk about this movie for a little while, but we were traveling and I have now a backlog of blogging material to work through...

Paprika is the new movie by Satoshi Kon, the director of Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers, two of my favorite Japanese animation movies. This new movie is very much a story in the same vein as Millennium Actress, but a lot darker with murderous and psychotic undertones similar to Satoshi Kon's first feature movie, Perfect Blue.

We saw Paprika as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival and I enjoyed the movie a lot. It had everything I was expecting from this director. He has a certain cinematic style that creates wonderful and intense visuals and his continuous fascination with how we perceive reality leads to these complicated and intricate story lines that pull the audience into his movies.

Paprika is a great movie and I can only recommend to go see it when it goes into wider release this summer.

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