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Spectrum of Games

As a follow-up to my post about the ZX Spectrum last week - I was feeling nostalgic and was googling up sites with information about the home computers of the 80s when I stumbled over this amazing book: The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x

For starters, the book is about the same size as the original Spectrum computer and the cover is one big picture of the machine - when you unwrap the book, it looks like you have a ZX Spectrum on your table! That alone is pure genius.

The content is great, too. It's a lovingly designed overview of some 230 classic games that made the Spectrum a benchmark in game development. All the expected games are there, The Hobbit, Jet Pac, Ant Attack, but then there are quite a lot of games that I never even heard of and that sound like they were a lot of fun. Time to go and load up an emulator and take a look...

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