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Manhattan Street Corners

Richard Howe spent much of 2006 walking the streets of Manhattan, taking photos of ALL the street corners in town.

I love these kinds of projects that take on a mysterious life of their own. On first thought it sounds like a ridiculous idea. A photo of every street corner? But once you click your way into the galleries, and move from photo to photo and from corner to corner, suddenly it all starts to make sense.

The photos are presented in a widescreen format that lends itself well to the subject, with every street corner revealing a panoramic microcosm of life in Manhattan. There is yellow taxis everywhere, bike couriers, businessmen out for lunch, hustlers and shoppers.

Many of the corners have well-known brand stores in the downtown areas, but further along the island there are many unique local cornerstores and sometimes quite exotic businesses that add so much to the charme of the big city.

The galleries offer an autoplay function that invites to take effortless, dreamy strolls through parts of Manhattan that many tourists never visit.

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