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The Making Of...

It's interesting to see developers open their programming process to the world on their blogs.

Here are two recent examples that I found while looking for resources on emulator programming (ahem!) - Miggy is a blog from Bristol in the UK and the owner, t0ne, started work on a Amiga emulator in Java in October. He is making great progress - and if I may say so has already produced some of the easiest-to-read 68k emulation code I've ever seen.

And there is Legacy System by Jonners in London, who started on a 6502 / Vic-20 emulator in September and who is also making great strides to bring the ultimate Vic-20 emulator in C# to the world.

I very much recommend both blogs for their great writing about the scary depths and exhilarating highs of emulation programming. Both t0ne and Jonners have a gift to write entertaining about some pretty intimidating coding issues.

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