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Beauty Revisited

The Dove Real Beauty campaign has been around for a few months and it's probably one of the best things a company involved in the beauty industry has ever done on TV and in print.

They have this really amazing Flash movie on their site where a normal-looking woman is being transformed into one of those poster girls whose faces are pure artificial constructs. It's on their homepage or you can get to the Flash movie directly here.

Another example is the FluidEffect site (click through to the portfolio), where there is a small "Before" button next the beauty shots of celebrities and you can directly compare the before/after of the massive Photoshop treatment all these photos get nowadays.

Here's another portfolio where you can rollover to see the magical disappearance of man-boobs and a beer belly on some manly dude and refurbished bikini lines on a female model.

And here's one more example from Sweden with step-by-step explanations of all the details in a typical glamour shot.

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