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Comments for Everybody

Over the last two years I've been fighting a long, sad struggle against comment spammers on this site. I've tried filters, which worked for a while, but filters have to be updated all the time to keep them effective. And thanks to a never fully understood misconfiguration I actually managed to delete all old comments on the site about one year ago.

After that I shut down comments alltogether. That was very unsatisfactory, because even with the low volume of posts and comments, it was still nice to hear from my readers from time to time.

Now that I've switched to WordPress I thought I give it another try. The comments were open for less than a week before the first spam started arriving again. But this time I'm going to not give up to a bunch of fuckers who destroy online communities for profit.

Check out the new and improved commenting interface with cute-o-matic (TM) spam filtering! I saw something very similiar on a site a while ago (can't remember where...) and I liked the idea a lot, so I rolled my own version. It should be 100% effective against automatic spam robots that are trolling the site.

Let the commenting begin!

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