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Options On The Table

Bush was asked if his administration was planning for the possibility of a nuclear strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

"All options are on the table," he said.

Since the White House seems to have misplaced their only copy of the large-print history of the 20th century for pre-schoolers, here is a quick refresher on what the options on the table mean.

The United States is the only country who has ever used nuclear weapons against another country. On August 6, 1945 the city center of Hiroshima was incinerated in a fireball, followed three days later by the industrial section of Nagasaki.

In Hiroshima, almost 80,000 people died on the day of the bombing, and the death toll after fifty years has reached a total of more than 240,000 people. In Nagasaki, 40,000 died instantly and the death toll after fifty years has reached 80,000.

Two atomic bombs. Three hundred and twenty thousand deaths.

Clueless politicians, who should have spent their two-week easter vacation on a trip to Hiroshima and a visit to the museum in the Peace Park, talk about "tactical nuclear weapons" as if the word "tactical" means "magical".

Well, let me drop a tactical clue bomb: If you take a nuclear bunker buster and blow it up some thirty feet underground, the exposion will take an acre of dirt and pump it into the atmosphere as radioactive waste.

You will only get a few thousand people whose skin will be burnt off their bodies, so this can maybe be seen as an advantage if you are a soulless moron, but you add hundreds of thousands of people to the victims of radioactive fallout. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iran, Pakistan and India would die horrible deaths for at least the next fifty years.

And we know what kind of deaths. Not just from Japan, but also from Chernobyl, where now every year in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia thousands of children are diagnosed with a wide variety of cancer. The parents of many of these children were living hundreds of miles from Chernobyl, but now their children are dying, twenty years after the accident.

These are heartbraking stories of children who will never even reach their twenties, who live all their lifes in pain and despair.

Go to the link above and look at these innocent victims of radiactive fallout. Is that what you want?

Is it?

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