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A Film Like A Hulk

Saw The Hulk today with a couple of friends.

It's a very good re-interpretation of the comic books, taking artistic freedoms where necessary, but still staying close to the original atmosphere of the paper version.

The movie starts slowly and it takes quite a while before the exposition is dealt with, but once the Hulk fills the screen, the movie takes off like a rocket. I was very impressed in how Ang Lee uses some of the comic book characteristics, like multiple frames or merged images in the movie. There are several scenes where these kind of cuts remind the audience very directly of the heritage of the story.

Oh and don't trust the trailers. This movie looks so much better on the big screen and my suspicion is that some of the trailer material was unduly rushed out of pre-production - it would have been better to just show nothing instead of the plastic-toy like animations of the trailers.

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