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Precision Bombs Make No Friends

Every day we hear in the news about precision bombs targeting insurgents somewhere in an Iraqi city. It's the same story every day, with the US forces giving a rough number for the insurgents killed ("twenty to thirty...") and then the usually unconfirmed report from a local hospital that a very specific number of civilians have been brought in ("twelve civilians, among them five children...").

What does this really look like? Clearly, nobody in the US gives a damn, because otherwise our government couldn't get away with this kind of shit. There are US soldiers blowing up houses from the air in the middle of residential neighbourhoods and nobody in this country puts their fucking Latte down and goes "Wait a minute!"

It seems that like in Vietnam, it is impossible to hammer it into the American population that there is something incredibly horrible going on in the name of every single US citizen.

Here are some pictures collected by Political Physics - If you aren't outraged, you haven't been paying attention.

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