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Extreme Weather

Four hurricanes in one month hitting the east coast... the first hurricane ever hitting Brazil.... the worst Typhoon season ever in east Asia... the hottest summers ever in Europe... glaciers all over the world are disappearing...

This, my friends, is what they call Global Warming.

You don't need scientists to crunch the numbers while they take care not to hurt the feelings of the industry paying for their laboratories. You don't need a clueless journalist promoted for their fabulous hairdo to give you a "fair and balanced" story about it. All you have to do is to search google news for extreme weather and there you go.

It is probably already too late to completely prevent several disasterous decades of extreme weather that will probably kill more people than the black plague and all the wars of the 20th century combined. Think I exaggerate? Imagine your supermarket. Now imagine that same supermarket empty.

Thanks specifically to the Bush administration and their big-oil inspired pissing session on the Kyoto agreement, there is not much good news left in this issue. With each passing day without conservation measures and with each sold SUV, every attempt to turn away from the brink will be so much harder.

Here's a very good article by Tom Engelhardt of about Global Warming and how little we hear about it...

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