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Really Bad News

You know, for a recently liberated country where Democarcy is supposedly now in full swing, there is some remarkably bad news coming out of Iraq.

How about this from a British newspaper, the Sunday Herald:

"BRITISH forces are arresting children in Iraq and handing them to US forces who interrogate and detain them indefinitely in prisons including the notorious Abu Ghraib."

This just has to stop. Not in a month or a week, no, it has to stop right now.

It is completely indefensible and atrocious that US Forces are locking up Iraqi children in prisons. It should be completely clear by now that there has been a breakdown in civil society, that thanks to certain signals coming from the highest authorities in the Pentagon some soldiers working in these prisons felt encouraged to flush all morals down the toilet.

This is for sure not a place to imprison 12-year-olds.

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