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Frozen Light

Recently I got another Kodak Bull's Eye from eBay, and it still contained an exposed roll of film. I was intrigued, to say the least.

There was a small notebook (imprinted with advertisement from Indianapolis, Indiana) in the box with entries that ended in 1964, and so it's as good a guess as any that this picture here was taken in early 1964 - exactly 40 years ago - and then forgotten, probably because a new camera was bought and the old one was stashed away in a closet somewhere.

Light had entered that camera 40 years ago, carrying along the proud smiles and the laughter of this young family, only to be frozen in time, and forgotten.

And time went on... The children grew up. Humans landed on the moon. There was a war. An oil crisis. Presidents came and went. There were weddings. And Funerals. Children moved out and became parents themselves.

40 years went by, the chemicals of the film patiently holding their cargo of faces and smiles... until now...

This scene touched me with it's squeaky-clean happyness - it's a young family cheerfully looking into the future.

And now, indeed, they are.

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