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Extreme Photo Constructions

While looking for other sources for 3D-reconstructions of the Mars Rover images, I stumbled over the Extreme Photo Constructions site by David Neufer.

David hosts some of the best 3D anaglyphs of the Mars Rover pictures that I have seen up to now, but he has also been doing amazing things by combining still images from old movies to create new pseudo-3D anaglyphs - he is creating 3D pictures from 2D movies!

He calls this technique Dual Moment Stereo, and if you are at all interested in 3D anaglyphs, then take a look at his Pearl Harbor images... there is a huge amount of old films that can be harvested for 3D imagery in this way.

I'm tempted to go to the Prelinger Archives right now and see if I can do this myself!

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