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Building a Game

Finally I came back again to do something that I really enjoy a lot, but didn't really have the time or energy for - building a game.

I've been making games off and on for more than 20 years, ever since I first started programming in my early teens. It's always been fascinating to me not just to write a program, but an experience for other people.

It's really cool to make a game and see your friends play it. They have fun, they get excited and scream at the screen. It's amazing how you can stir up emotions through a few thousand lines of computer code - that must be one of the most eccentric art forms that humankind has come up with.

I wrote the game in DHTML as an experiment to see how far one can push modern browsers (and consequently it only runs on IE6 and Mozilla) and I think I have achieved my goal - it looks nothing like the hairball of JavaScripts, HTML and gifs that it really is...

This game is a hommage to all the old paddle-ball-brick games of the 1980s, but I've added a few little twists here and there to make it interesting. It's called KAZ for my lovely beta tester and wife, Kazumi.

Go check it out!

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