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Some Progress in Retro

As I had mentioned before, I've spent some time over the last year re-learning Z80 Assembly so that I can write some code for the Spectrum Next - which is now in the midst of being produced in England and should be shipped in the next few months in early 2020.

I just recently switched to SjASMPlus as my Z80/Next Assembler since it gives me more flexibility with creating the new .nex file format for the Next. Snasm might actually also have these capabilities, but I couldn't figure it out based on the existing examples and documentation. I still use Mike Dailly's CSpect as the emulator and he's been doing an amazing job keeping it up to date with all the changes that have been introduced during the final ramp up to full production of the Next.

Now here is a first screenshot of the game I've been working on. I hope to be able to explain more about the game and how I wrote it in several posts over the coming months.

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