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Changing Things...

Wow - first of all an apology if you've been coming by every now and then to look for updates. It's been a busy couple of months, mostly filled with baby-related activities. Luke is doing well and every now and then he even lets us write a blog post now. :-)

Life with Luke is definitely interesting - it's pretty clear that nothing will ever be the same and whatever else happens, he is certainly the most amazing thing that has ever happened to Kazumi and me.

But as the title implies, other changes are afoot. After almost exactly 12 years, I've quit my job.

Yeah... I know! 12 years feels like a crazy long time to have been in a job in the web industry, but as Groucho Marx liked to say, "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana!"

I had a good time at my now-previous employer and I wish all my ex-collegueas only the very best - they are a talented bunch of people and it was fun working with them. But it is time to move on. I'm looking forward to the challenges in my new job and I will certainly learn a lot of new things very quickly, which is really what life as a web developer is all about.

2011 is shaping up to be a year of huge changes in the web development world. HTML5 didn't just knock on the door, but rammed in the door, kicked out the wall and took the roof down, too! It's exciting to be a small part of this change to our industry and one of the reasons for a lack of postings here has been that I spend whatever free time I have on learning things. There have been much more frequent updates than here to my project site Stories in Flight.

But I felt bad about neglecting Pacific Tides for so long, and I will now try and post more frequently again. After all there is more to life than babies and HTML. :-)

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