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The Joy of MapSkip

While googling the current footprint of MapSkip on the web, as I do on a regular basis, I stumbled over this on Twitter:

picture this: two of my boys -arms around each others shoulders - reading your kids Mapskip comments; smiles; joy in their lives; thank you
I immediately called Kazumi over and showed her this tweet... we were both deeply touched by this, since it is such a honest, real-life example of the impact that MapSkip already has on some of its users.

We launched MapSkip because we both believe that there is a deep emotional impact in stories as they are being told from one human mind to the next. And many stories are about places in time, and what happened there and then.

After now one and a half years, the site is slowly growing to a level where many of our original concepts are starting to work as it takes a certain density of stories to make MapSkip fun to explore. And that is now happening, with new users joining every day, and whole school classes contributing with stories, photos and even sound recordings about their home towns... Let me tell you, we love every minute of this process! :-)

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