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Impulse Purchase!

If you've used an original Atari Joystick back in the 80s, you know that there was something very special about that joystick. I could never figure out what it was, and undoubtedly the ergonomics of every other later joypad/analog stick thingy was far superior. But still... there was something to that old square box, all corners and sharp edges, that no later input device could replace.

Well, too late now to think about it - it's all gone in a puff of electronic smoke by now.

Or is it? Just found Legacy Engineering Group, which seems to be a small company specializing in reproducing modernized versions of old Atari hardware (you can make a business out of that?), and they have a USB version of the old Atari Joystick for sale!

It took me only about 20 seconds to complete this shopping transaction, from first pageload to the confirmation page. :-)

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