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Spectrum Emulation in JavaScript

This is a little bit geeky, but for the late-thirties/early-forty Euro JavaScript crowd (all five of us) this should be interesting: Matt West just announced the release of his ZX Spectrum emulator completely written in JavaScript.

From my perspective, this counts as OMG-WTF Cool! Excellent coding with a very worthy goal. :)

I'd found a working MSX JavaScript emulator a little while ago and had even contemplated reusing that Z80 code for something like a Speccy emulator, but the code had been mostly undocumented and I had a few other projects that were rather more pressing... I'm glad that Matt did this, and from a first glance at his code, it is very well written JavaScript with a lot of opportunity for interesting expansions.

It would be interesting to extend the code with a Debugger/Monitor so that the user can see the Z80 code while it is executed - that would make a great learning tool for assembly language!

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