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Street Copy Redux

I've decided to resurrect a feature of this blog, but with a twist. A few years ago I wrote quite a number of "Street Copy" posts, where all of the photos were taken with my trusty old Palm Zire 71. The Zire fell in disuse over the last year or so, and Street Copy posts ceased...

But now I've got a new phone - a Palm Centro - and I'm quite excited about the possibility of taking pictures with the Centro and to post them online in the blog while I'm on the road!

Below you can see the first post that I've made completely from the Palm Centro. I'm using the PostMaster plugin for WordPress to upload the posts to the blog and after some hiccups with the original wp-mail code, it is now all working great.

So be ready for more historical, whimsical and bizarre street copy from the streets of San Francisco!

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