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New Becomes Finest

About a year ago I wrote about another one of the local corner stores biting the dust. Well, I was a bit premature with my elegy for the lost market. As it turns out the store has been revived under a new name and I assume under new management.

The Russian Hill Finest Market actually still has the old New Russian Hill Grocery sign out front, a fact that warmed my overly nostalgic heart. :)

This is another picture I took on Kodak TMax 3200 with my Retinette 1A. I really love the fact that with this film I can handheld shots like the one above while walking around the city. I'll have to investigate what kind of fast rollfilm I can get for my 620 folders. Bringing a tripod or hunting for an unobstructed parking meter as stable base has been the bane of my existence during my nightly photo sessions.

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