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All Closed Up

After a long hiatus thanks to all the work on MapSkip, I've finally revived some of my old cameras and have them now again with me on my daily walks to work and back home.

During the summer we moved offices in San Francisco, and my walk to work has more than doubled. I don't mind at all, and in fact I love my new daily commute. The new office is near Pier 39 and so I have to walk all across Nob Hill, Russian Hill and parts of Telegraph Hill on the way to work. It's a fantastic cross-section of classic San Francisco neighborhoods, with amazing views of the Bay, the local parrots criss-crossing the skies above me and lots of interesting things to see and photograph everywhere.

Here's the first result - a shot I took a few days ago on the way home when the fog hung heavy over Chinatown and all the shops where already closed. Chinatown generally shuts down early in the evening, and around 8pm in winter when it is already dark it is easy to be all alone out in the alleys and backstreets.

I was a bit rusty with my Kodak Retinette 1A, and so the shot is a bit blurry, but I love it anyway because it shows off the amazing golden colors the lens on the Retinette produces. I didn't touch the saturation in Photoshop for this photo at all - the scan is as colorful as the original print!

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