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New Russian Hill Market

San Francisco still has an amazing number of corner stores. I can probably walk to about half a dozen little markets and liquor stores in a three block radius and I thoroughly enjoy buying at least some of our groceries there. The prices are not much higher than in the overpriced supermarket down the street, but it feels so much better to actually support those stores. Most of the owners are friendly and enjoy a little chat and the city feels much more like a small village in those stores.

Sadly, every now and then one of the stores closes, and not all of them find a new proprietor to take over. I noticed a few months ago that one of my favorite little corner stores, the New Russian Hill Market has closed its doors. It's now all boarded up and I took this picture of its gloriously grubby signage as a little memento. Probably another one for my collection of lost store signs...

Shot taken with a Nikon N80 on Kodak Gold 200.

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