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The Mouse as Hater

The web is abuzz with the latest outrage from ABC/Disney. There is a hate-filled talk radio station here in San Francisco called KSFO, owned by ABC Radio, and a local blogger got ticked off enough by their programming to go and do something about their hate speech.

The blogger - Spocko - posted MP3s of some of the nasty stuff that KSFO broadcasts and then wrote to the sponsors and advertisers on these programs with links to the audio files. It worked. Several large advertisers are going to remove their sponsorship from KSFO and this got the lawyers at Disney busy.

Disney forced Spocko's blog offline by dropping a DMCA request on his hosting provider. It seems that these corporations are too big and stupid to learn their lessons: Attacking a blogger is like sticking your hand into a hornets nest.

Now Disney can try to deal with posts like this one on hundreds of blogs all around the world. Good luck, you morons.

And here's what all of this is about:

Articles with quotes from the broadcasts and statements by Spocko:

ABC/Disney Endorses Hate Speech

Disney Threatens Media Critic

Spocko vs. The Rat

...and here are links to the MP3s:

Online Blogintegrity

If you listed to even only a few of these, you will understand. This stuff is fascist hate speech of the worst possible kind. No honest company should be associated with vile, nasty crap like that.

Personally, I will finally sell all my Disney stock. We bought Pixar shares back in the day because we really liked what that company stood for. But now that these shares have been converted to Disney stock, I can make a timely statement about what I think of ABC/Disney by selling off the shares of a bunch of fascist enablers.

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