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From a Newsweek article:

Between the endless photo lines and the back-to-back holiday receptions, President Bush is sitting down for extensive briefings on Iraq that go well beyond the highly staged statements and pictures seen to date on TV.

In a series of 45-minute sessions, Bush has worked through a steady program of question-and-answer exchanges with his own officials and a handful of outside experts. According to senior White House officials, who declined to be named when discussing Oval Office meetings, the extensive internal reviews have been moving along slowly but steadily.

So one would think that Mr. Bush must already have been up to date on the situation in Iraq after three and a half years of war and almost 3000 US soldiers dead. And now he needs "extensive" 45-minute sessions? 45 minutes between holiday parties?

Sounds almost as tough as sitting under fire in Baghdad for twelve months at a time...

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