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Running Out of Options

While I do not always agree with Jim Kunstler, he writes with a steady, intense passion about what our future without oil will be like. He abhors the suburbanized, mall-ified modern cities that have sprung up all over the United States with their dependence on cars and cheap oil and I fully agree with him that these abominations of city planning will become disastrous, festering wounds for this society once the oil price takes up permanent residency in the four-dollar neighborhood.

Here is an article from a few weeks ago where Jim succinctly creates an arc from the current militaristic misadventure in Iraq, to a collapsing mid-eastern political landscape and on to the destruction of the American Dream.

All of this could be preventable if this society would realize what they have become and that intensive research of alternative energies and new modes of mass transportation are crucial life-or-death items on our collective to-do list.

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