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The Naked Truth

If you've been reading some of my previous rants you already know my opinion about the American-made disaster that the war in Iraq has become. It took the leading class in Washington a lot longer than I would have thought, but it seems the dimensions of this clusterfuck are now slowly sinking into the American consciousness.

And since we have elections coming up, we are now hearing more and more shrill and desperate attempts in delaying the inevitable: Accepting the naked truth.

The Republican administration under Bush has systematically destroyed all the easy ways out of this situation and all the options that are left are horrible in their consequences.

Newsflash: There are no winners in this war, and the Americans are not even in the finals.

Naked Truth:

- Sometime, rather sooner then later, the US troops will leave Iraq. This is inevitable since a draft is near impossible to push through in the current political climate in the US. Without a draft, there are not enough troops to even just keep the lights on in Baghdad. In addition, everybody - literally everybody - in Iraq wants the US troops to leave immediately. There is nothing the US can do about this fact, other than actually leaving.

- The US troops will leave as fast as they can. While there is a lot of talk about "phased withdrawal", once the first troops leave, it will be impossible to keep the rest of the troops supplied and safe. So they have to leave faster. And faster.

- Nobody can partition the country other than the Iraqis themselves. American politicians and the chattering idiot-journalists on cable news talk about partitioning a country. To enforce such a partitioning would need more troops than all of Nato could supply if they even would dream of such a thing. The Americans can't do it by themselves - see my remarks above about the lights in Baghdad.

What pisses me off again and again is the pure racism that I can hear in what American politicians and journalists say about the people of Iraq and their future. It is their country and their future and they don't need some American deskjockeys to tell them what to do with their lifes. Isn't it enough what has been done to the Iraqis already?

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