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A Darker Sky

Since I have oh-so-much free time right now (Not!), I've begun what can only be called an insane project... a game for the Sony PSP!

It's been a lot of fun already to work on this and to play with the limitations and possiblities of a handheld game console, but oh man... what a mountain of work.

It's a multiplayer space-flight RPG called "A Darker Sky", and since I'm doing it all by myself I'm splitting my time between programming client-server communication code, designing screens, rendering space scenery and space ships and writing back story and item descriptions... it's fun to stretch a bit and to warm up some underutilized skills.

I expect to go into alpha testing of the core code in the next weeks and to start a public beta phase towards December. Check here for more details in the coming weeks!

Added 10/2/05:

For what it's worth... here's the announcement on the site:

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