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Yeah... We Told You So!

So Thomas Friedman of the New York Times had a sudden revelation about Guantanamo Bay: Just Shut It Down

Yeah... we fucking told you so!

After spending the last couple of years cheerleading the Bush administration in its race to destroy the international image of the US as a beacon of freedom and peace, Friedman takes his head long enough out of Bush's butt to realize that the rest of the world is scared stiff of what unearthly bullshit the Americans are going to pull off next.

It's people like Friedman who have column space in large newspapers who could have prevented the wholesale slaughter and torture of innocents if they would have just put their honestly felt conservative opinions aside for a moment and would have looked at what this administration is all about.

Since early 2002 at the latest it was crystal clear to everybody who wanted to know that the Bush administration was sliding down the well-worn slippery path to fascism.

From its very outset, Guantanamo Bay was not just a prison, it was a concentration camp very much in the style of what the Germans created in the mid-1930s.

And now in mid-2005 Mr. Friedman hops over to London and is astonished that the free press back in civilized Europe is writing about the US as if it were a third-world tin-pot dictatorship. Congratulations. A quick Google search could have told him three years ago that something about that whole let's-stick-all-muslims-into-mysterious-prisons-routine was wrong.

What is wrong with these people? How could anybody look at the idea of a prison camp outside of all laws and think that this is going to work out ok? Human history for thousand of years has been peppered with incidents of torture and unlawful imprisonment and a fifth-grader could point out the similarities between any one of those cases and what the Bush administration has been doing.

And now we are bemoaning the bad press the US is getting all around the world.

Bad press?

That's not even the beginning of the problems the US is getting into. For reference I'd like to point to the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

(via Daily Kos)

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