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Chicken Run

Have you seen the footage of all the politicians and their entourage running in panic through the streets of Washington, D.C.?

So let me get this straight... four years after the terror attacks of September 11 a small two-seat airplane approaches Washington at a speed of maybe 80 Mph, and the only reaction that the largest military power on earth is capable of is to have their leaders run wild in the streets in front of the capitol.

There were no fighter planes in the air, no anti-aircraft missiles were fired. We have pumped billions into anti-terror measures, but we can't even protect the capital of the country from a measly Cessna (flown by a student pilot apparently being lost) trundling towards the center of power.

Is there anything that this government will not screw up beyond all measure?

Update: Ok, so they actually had two F-16s in the air and they successfully approached the plane and fired warning shots. Which for me still doesn't explain the footage of the US Senate staff running in panic all over the place. Have they ever heard of evacuation plans?

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