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You Know Your Country Is In Trouble...

You really know that your country is in deep trouble when members of the government can't travel abroad without fear of being arrested as war criminals.

It seems that Rumsfeld and his second in command at the Pentagon can't travel to the Munich Security Conference since they would quite possibly be arrested at the airport.

A New York-based human rights group, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a suit with a German court in December, accusing Rumsfeld of war crimes and torture. If Rumsfeld or Cambone would set foot on German soil, it would be within the rights of the German federal court to hold them until trial.

It will be interesting to see if any of the newspapers here in the States will pick up on this story. This government is a disgrace and an embarassment for the US and the citizens of this country have to finally wake up to what this will mean for all of them in the future.

Torture taints everybody.

(via the Left Coaster)

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