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My name is Thomas Sturm and I'm a programmer, photographer and writer.

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Flash Art

When does a media piece become art? It's interesting to see how with every generation we have to re-draw the boundaries between interesting tinkering and art, now again with new media forms like web sites and Flash experiences...

Here is an example of what I would sort into the art bucket: Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES mixes classic jazz tunes with stark messages and stories told in high contrast, a few words at a time.

At first it doesn't look like much and the fast rythm of the words is hard to follow, but after a few moments I was completely hooked. The stories have an amazing intimacy and are told in bold language.

Oh, and here are some viewing tips: Sit far back from the screen and keep the lights on - as I've said, it's high-contrast...

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