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Books for Schools

If you are spending more than a hundred dollars this year on Christmas presents and if you have an Amazon account, I have a suggestion for you:

Go to the Amazon Wish List, locate the Wish List Search box on the right and enter "school" as name and your homestate as location. Now Search.

All of these schools need books for their students to read. Go to any of these school wish lists and buy a few books for them. There's books for elementary school levels for less than four dollars! Buy two, or three, or as many as your budget allows.

And even better - you can choose what to buy. Think about it - with a ten dollar investment, you can make a memorable impression in the life of these young children.

You think kids today do not learn enough about history? Get them a fun history book! Not enough music? Get them song books! Biology? Math? Geography? Amazon has it all, and many of the wish lists run over several dozen items, some go even into the hundreds.

You decide - They read.

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