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Bringing Freedom to Iraq

Streets littered with pieces of human beings. Pools of blood. Dying and dead piled on the asphalt.

Is that the freedom we promised to the Iraqis? The freedom to die? Rocket-propelled freedom delivered by Apache Gunships?

For one and a half years now we have been listening to Bush and his moronic henchmen promising all the great things that are going to happen in Iraq - any day now. And what we get instead is indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in the streets.

Helicopter gunships are firing into groups of unschooled, jobless, futureless teenagers, and we are wondering where all the terrorists are coming from. Look at these pictures. Everybody in these pictures who is not right there bleeding to death will have picked up an AK-47 by nightfall. This one will be a terrorist. And these are dead. These too.

And not just are US soldiers busy slaughtering the locals, no, journalists too. Here is the first-hand account of one of the journalists who survived this massacre on Sunday.

I know that these images are hard to take. If you do only one thing right now, please go and read the article.

Via the All Spin Zone.

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